Greening NGO Food and Trees for Africa reaffirms partnership with

In celebration of the ongoing support Food & Trees for Africa received from privately-owned low-cost airline, the greening and food Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) planted 20 trees at Emmangweni Primary in Tembisa, Gauteng. (more…)

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Geographic Information Systems - GIS

Gibb Environmental showcases project excellence in sustainability

Sustainability impacts the bottom-line, and all industries should be acutely mindful of how they do business on a planet with fewer natural resources. The importance of internal capacity building, the need for climate and weather information management, the role of integrated planning and the inclusion of stakeholders outside government, should all be key themes of […]

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Farming for a more fruitful economy

South Africa’s smallholders could produce enough strawberries, berries and tomatoes to capture three million tons of additional demand by 2030. This would be enough to capture 12 percent of predicted global demand growth (excluding North America) for these products by 2030. Another way to understand the impact of this phenomenal opportunity is that it would […]

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Rhino Conservation Awards ceremony

Rhino poaching war: combatants presented with awards, and winners announced

In a recent News24 report, Environmental Affairs Minister, Edna Molewa, announced that 363 rhinos were poached in South Africa between January and April 2016. Molewa extended condolences to the family of Kruger National Park ranger, Enos Mabila, who was killed recently. She also paid tribute to SANParks ranger, Killers Ubisi, who was wounded while carrying […]

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Umvoto Africa wins top science award

Water and enviro consultancy wins top science award

Twenty-five years of pioneering scientific work, coupled with successfully growing a start-up business into a highly respected consultancy, have been acknowledged with a prestigious award for Cape Town earth sciences company Umvoto Africa. (more…)

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Collect breadtags for recycling

Success for the ‘breadtags for wheelchairs’ project

More than 80 wheelchairs have already been awarded during the first six months of this year thanks to the hugely successful ‘Breadtags for Wheelchairs’ project, which is administered by the Polystyrene Packaging Council (PSPC), and with the support of coordinator Mary Honeybun and the Sweetheart Foundation. (more…)

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Eskom invests in power plant engineering courses

Eskom commits to second phase funding of the Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute (EPPEI)

Eskom has signed phase 2 of the Eskom Power Plant Engineering Institute (EPPEI) funding agreement, in collaboration with the Universities of Cape Town, Witwatersrand, North-West, Pretoria, KwaZulu-Natal and Stellenbosch, in partnership with a further seven other universities. The signing ceremony was held on 19 July 2016 at the POWER-GEN & DistribuTECH Africa 2016 Conference. (more…)

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Tree-planting and reforestation

200 000 trees to combat climate change

As world leaders met in Paris to forge an agreement to limit global warming and its catastrophic impacts on development and economic growth, countries such as South Africa were already experiencing droughts, heatwaves and unseasonably cold weather. (more…)

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Neil Cameron of Johnson Controls

Intelligent goals for intelligent cities

Cities around the world are creating public-private initiatives around sustainability and liveability goals, and they’re being intelligent about it. Intelligent cities support their goal-setting processes with IT solutions that enable benchmarking, measurement, and achievement. (more…)

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Debbie English shared an emotional account of the price of the war against rhino poaching

Insights from the other side of the “rhino war” – A daughter’s heart wrenching account

In a speech given at the Rhino Conservation Awards last year, Debbie English shared an emotional account of the price of the war against rhino poaching. While the rhino is the ultimate victim, those that fight on its behalf are exposed to endless danger – often at the expense of their families. (more…)

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