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Ceiba – a sustainable future for the cargo shipping industry

Is CEIBA the future of shipping?

Shani Meintjes is a young South African volunteering in Costa Rica on a project very close to her heart, a project aimed at decreasing the impact of the vastly polluting cargo shipping industry. You might ask how this is even possible given that 90% of all cargo globally is transported via cargo ship and that […]

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Plastics|SA’s new advertisment focuses on marine litter

New radio and TV adverts for Plastics|SA focus on marine litter

Plastics|SA has released a series of new radio and television adverts in which it addresses the issue of plastics litter found in the marine environment. (more…)

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Norway partners with the African Marine Waste Network

Plastic pollution in the seas is the problem on everyone’s minds at the moment, with widespread coverage of the crisis in the world’s oceans. Recognising that urgent action needs to be taken, Norway has partnered with the African Marine Waste Network to solve the challenges facing communities in and around Africa. (more…)

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SIKA sponsors SANCCOB’s new seabird hospital

Operating in Table View for 33 years and having treated nearly 100,000 seabirds, SANCCOB (Western Cape) was in desperate need of more modern facilities.  Over the years, it has become synonymous with conservation of the endangered African penguin and is a leader in seabird rehabilitation, chick-rearing, veterinary care, as well as contributing to ground-breaking research. […]

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Environmental regulations for ships become more stringent

Green ships stay in compliance

Environmental regulations for ships are getting more stringent, but automated sensor technology could help ship operators remain in compliance, says Claus Beiersdorfer, SKF sales director. (more…)

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Marine Goodchild, Marketing Manager at DPI Plastics

DPI Plastics to sponsor inaugural AMWN Conference in 2017

DPI Plastics will sponsor the inaugural African Marine Waste Network (AMWN) Conference in 2017 as its lead Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project. (more…)

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Volunteers on Muizenberg Beach PHOTOGRAPHER: RYCHERDE WALTERS

International Coastal Clean-Up 2016

More than 100 countries participate annually on the third Saturday of September in the world’s biggest volunteer effort for ocean health.  Thousands of volunteers flock to beaches around the world to pick up and remove litter from beaches and coastal areas. (more…)

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Raised walkways made from recycled plastic including thousands of milk bottles and plastic bags

Plastics to the rescue at Beachwood Mangroves in KZN

World Oceans Day is a global day of celebrating the ocean.  This year, people all over the world are celebrating “Healthy Oceans – Healthy Planet’ and promoting the prevention of marine litter. (more…)

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tics SA signs Global Declaration for solutions to marine litter

Packaging SA joins effort to reduce marine debris

Packaging SA has become the latest signatory to the plastics industry’s Global Declaration for Solutions to Marine Litter, highlighting its commitment to finding solutions to combat plastics in our oceans. (more…)

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Sea pollution

Cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Researchers are launching tests aimed at setting up a huge floating barrier off the Japanese coast, a project that could eventually help remove some of the 5.25 trillion pieces of rubbish polluting the world’s oceans. (more…)

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