The devastating impact of cigarette butts on the environment

Overall, littering worldwide is down but there is still a massive problem with people littering cigarette butts. This infographic from purplebox looks at the problems cigarette litter causes and what we can do to stop it.

It’s incredible that 85% of cigarette butts are littered. It seems that people are okay with littering butts because they’re so small but few realise the deadly impact they are making. The vast majority of these butts end up in our shores and have a deadly affect on our waters and marine life with the spread of toxic chemicals.

Some cities have tried clever ways of reducing cigarette litter such as in London, England where you could vote with your butt. People were asked to place their cigarette butt in one of two boxes based on who they thought was the best football player in the world. These are interesting experiments, but people need also realise the impact of littering their cigarette butts for things to really change.

Check out the full infographic now.

Littering of cigarette butts is having a detrimental effect on our marine life



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