Kaytech’s NC Envirofix GCL patches farm’s leaking dam

Kaytechs NC Envirofix GCL patches farms leaking damOn a farm in the scenic Nottingham Road area in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, Kaytech’s EnviroFix was asked to provide a cost-effective solution to a leaking farm dam. Besides being used for irrigation purposes, the dam on White Rocks Farm is also used for leisure activities. The dam wall, which had recently undergone repairs after a previous repair failure, was once again leaking. The farmer needed an effective, economical solution that would not entail costly earthworks or imported materials.

After inspecting the farm dam, Kaytech’s Paul Lombard suggested that the geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), EnviroFix, with its simple installation, would alleviate the problem. EnviroFix, a proudly South African product manufactured by Kaytech, is produced by needling a uniform layer of sodium bentonite between two durable, outer layers of geotextile. Sodium bentonite is a naturally occurring clay mineral with a structure comprising charged platelets. When it comes into any contact with moisture, it swells considerably, and when this occurs under confinement, as in EnviroFix, it forms a lining with such low permeability that it is equivalent to that of approximately one metre of compacted clay.

Local contractor, Grevin Price of Ibhungezi Technical Services, successfully installed 4 000m2 of non-conformance (NC) EnviroFix X1000. The work was successful and was carried out at a fraction of the cost compared with that of repairing the wall mechanically. No specialised equipment was required.

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