tics SA signs Global Declaration for solutions to marine litter

Packaging SA joins effort to reduce marine debris

Packaging SA has become the latest signatory to the plastics industry’s Global Declaration for Solutions to Marine Litter, highlighting its commitment to finding solutions to combat plastics in our oceans. (more…)

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Sea pollution

Cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Researchers are launching tests aimed at setting up a huge floating barrier off the Japanese coast, a project that could eventually help remove some of the 5.25 trillion pieces of rubbish polluting the world’s oceans. (more…)

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2000 bottles reused to make EnviroServ’s ‘upcycled’ Christmas tree

Upcycled festive tree

EnviroServ encouraged people to spread some responsible festive cheer and make an ‘upcycled’ gift under a giant Upcycled Festive Tree made from used plastic bottles, in Rosebank Johannesburg in December. For those who were not feeling creative, there was the opportunity to purchase an upcycled decoration for your festive season tree. The money raised was […]

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Mine water

Dealing with Acid Mine Drainage

Mine Water Management is of serious concern in South Africa. Acid Mine Drainage, (AMD), in particular, is a problem which needs to be dealt with. Towards the end of last year, the Department of Water and Sanitation announced that it would be establishing a water management unit, to start to deal with the AMD issues South […]

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Training need on managing groundwater

Educating role-players is key to sustaining South Africa’s groundwater

As South Africa draws thirstily on its groundwater resources, it must urgently educate role-players that these are not infinite, and that careful controls must follow the drilling of boreholes to make sure they last. (more…)

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New agreement is good news for big brands and the world’s forests

At the recent Green Building Council of SA (GBCSA) Conference, an intervention to create a network of certified suppliers was agreed.  As consumers increasingly want to buy sustainably sourced products, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and allied industries are issuing a declaration about forest protection and management.  This is aimed to assure consumers of good […]

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E.coli and ammonia levels at Oudtshoorn waste water plant

Alarming E.coli and ammonia levels in Olifant’s River

An independent analysis of the water, which runs from the Oudtshoorn waste water treatment plant into the Olifant’s River, has indicated that E.coli levels are 24 times the acceptable general limit. This following the Administrator of the Municipality’s denial that the water is compromised. It is however an alarming health risk to locals. (more…)

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Futuregrowth inforgraphic

Renewable energy sector keeps the power on

While the headlines are filled with nuclear power proposals, the renewable energy sector is quietly forging ahead and generating growth. Total investments since the Department of Energy (DOE) embarked on its alternative energy sector drive in 2012 now stand at more than R200-billion. (more…)

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Dr. Andrew Venter, CEO of Wildlands and Mr. Peter Cowan, Chairman of Unilever South Africa

Unilever plants around 200 000 trees to combat climate change

As world leaders met in Paris to forge an agreement to limit global warming and its catastrophic impacts on development and economic growth, countries such as South Africa were already experiencing droughts, heatwaves and unseasonably cold weather. Recognising the crucial role played by trees in absorbing greenhouse gases that fuel global warming, Unilever South Africa […]

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Ford researchers will study the gecko’s sticky toe pads for clues to improve adhesives and increase recyclability of auto parts

Looking to the Gecko for answers – Ford to seek solutions by mimicking nature

Ford Motor Company will chart new territory as it seeks to create adhesive innovations inspired by the gecko. Ford will also work with Procter & Gamble, sharing research findings as both companies look to biomimicry for a host of business solutions. (more…)

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