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Firewood fervour may turn Zimbabwe into an ‘outright desert’

Zimbabwe, home to more than 14 million people, is currently facing a severe economic crisis. Under President Robert Mugabe’s land distribution reforms, in the year 2000 all white-owned commercial farms were forcibly seized for redistribution to landless native Zimbabweans. In February this year, the BBC reported Mugabe had finally admitted his land reforms amounted to […]

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The Katse Dam at night

Phase II of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project

The potential for transferring water from the highlands of Lesotho to meet the growing demand for water in Gauteng was identified in the 1950s. In the 1980s, the need for inter-basin water transfer became urgent and the proposed Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP) was born following the signing of the Treaty between the governments of […]

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POLYCO Chairman Jeremy Mackintosh, Phillip de Weeedt of Nampak, and POLYCO CEO Mandy Naude

POLYCO shares highlights of its successes at its AGM

POLYCO, the Polyolefin Recycling Company NPC, shared highlights of its successes achieved during the past year with board members and members of the media at its Annual General Meeting held in Midrand, Johannesburg. (more…)

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The end results are electricity savings of up to 30% or more

Regulate energy use, improve efficiency, and reduce costs

With our overburdened electricity grid and the current energy crisis, an energy management solution has been launched in the South African business and domestic market. (more…)

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Paper or paperless

Paper or paperless?

Fred Bercovitch, wildlife conservation biologist at Kyoto University, Japan, challenges the conventional wisdom that a paperless workplace is more environmentally friendly than one using paper. (more…)

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Kaytechs NC Envirofix GCL patches farms leaking dam

Kaytech’s NC Envirofix GCL patches farm’s leaking dam

On a farm in the scenic Nottingham Road area in the heart of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, Kaytech’s EnviroFix was asked to provide a cost-effective solution to a leaking farm dam. Besides being used for irrigation purposes, the dam on White Rocks Farm is also used for leisure activities. The dam wall, which had recently undergone […]

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Raging war on rhino

Raging war on rhino poaching

There is a raging war on rhino and it is escalating. However, the conservation community is not giving up and continues to fight back with every resource at its disposal. (more…)

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Over fishing is emptying our seas

Over fishing is emptying out seas

According to the United Nations, over 75 percent of the world’s fisheries are fully exploited, over exploited or significantly depleted. Some species have already been fished to commercial extinction; many more are on the verge. (more…)

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Kaxu The whole blue sky

KaXu: The clear blue sky

A 100MW solar plant has been officially opened in the Northern Cape, capable of providing clean and sustainable power to approximately 80 000 homes in South Africa. This innovative solar power plant, made possible by the dynamic partnership between Abengoa and state-owned financier, the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), together with KaXu Community Trust. It will boost […]

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Trees for life

Trees for life

Thanks to the vision and energy of Wildlands, funding from government, and support from BHP Billiton, the ‘Trees for Life’ project has been rolled out nationally. Good corporate backing, sound government support, a well-meaning environmentally savvy NGO in the middle, and a receptive community is the recipe for success. (more…)

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