Portia Morudi to keep the bees buzzing

Portia Morudi holding up a Langstroth frames

Beekeeper and social entrepreneur Portia Morudi

In 2017, seven types of bees were added to the endangered species list – an alarming statistic considering that life on earth is greatly dependent on these creatures. Bees are responsible for the pollination of approximately 70 per cent of crops feeding up to 90 per cent of the world population. Bees are dying out and Morudi has made it her mission to protect pollinating bees for their important role in agricultural pollination, food production and food security. 

Growing up in Winterveld Agricultural Settlement in the North-West Province, beekeeper and social entrepreneur Portia Morudi was inspired by her grandfather to go for beekeeping lessons. Once she completed the course she moved into the world of bee farming and honey production, encouraging small-scale farmers to keep beehives on their land to improve crop-pollination and to harvest the honey, which is packaged and sold.

Portia Morudi holding a smoker

Equipped with her passion, she aims to protect and preserve collapsing bee colonies

In addition, she is using her knowledge and expertise to assist local economic development and food security challenges, ensuring both the safety of these creatures and the prosperity of the land they inhabit, while allowing the community to build better lives for themselves. She established The Village Market with her partner and sources organic produce from local farmers whose crops are improved by the bees in the area. She also offers subsistence farmers a place to trade fresh and local produce.

Portia Morudi in a beekeeper suit

Morudi helps with local economic development and food security.

Morudi is effectively protecting and preserving collapsing bee colonies while demonstrating to subsistence farmers how planting beehives in rural areas can yield better crops and alleviate food security, unemployment and poverty.






Author: Daniella Hess

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