Recycling becoming a reality in Joburg

Recycling now mandatory in JohannesburgI am pleased to see the commitment that the City of Johannesburg has demonstrated with regards to recycling. During the course of this week, the City has taken a big step in the fight against pollution, through the introduction of a mandatory recycling plan for residents.

The most impressive aspect of this initiative, is how households will be key in the process of recycling, as the Separation-at-Source Programme will ensure that recycling begins at home.

This programme refers to households being mandated to separate their waste at home. To place recyclables such as plastic, paper and cans in different rubbish bags which, in turn, makes it easier and more efficient when it come to the recycling process.

Implementation has been one challenge that has taken some time to get right, mainly due to backlogs cause by the ANC government. I therefore salute the decision taken by MMC Nico de Jager, to make Separation-at-Source mandatory from the 1st of July.

One also has to acknowledge the positive impact that this informal sector has had on job creation. Waste-pickers are individuals who face extreme poverty, and the recycling sector has offered them a viable solution in terms of earning an income.

Some initial concerns were raised that the introduction of this programme would exclude waste-pickers. However, the formalisation of the sector will instead incorporate them as an integral part of the recycling process. This will certainly come with its own benefits as waste-pickers will be granted rights and protection within this sector.

The Democratic Alliance supports the fight against pollution. Come 2019, we call on the voters to vote for a clean and safe Gauteng.

Submitted by: DA Media on behalf of Janho Engelbrech, DA Spokesperson on the Environment

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