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Mike Page Director of Operations and Complex General Manager in the Montecasino Recycling Plant

Montecasino draws attention to the war on waste

With the first ever Global Recycling Day that was took place on 18 March 2018, Montecasino was heeding the call to improve waste management and increase the ratio of waste that is recycled or reused. With a new food waste system and efforts to raise awareness of the need to recycle and the availability of […]

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What is white, light, considered of high value and, although made up almost entirely of air, is in very high demand? If you guessed polystyrene, you’d be 100% correct!

South Africans urged to recycle their polystyrene

According to Adri Spangenberg, Director of the Polystyrene Association, expanded polystyrene is one of South Africa’s most commonly used materials relied upon by canteens and spaza shops owners and restauranteurs to keep their food or beverages hot or cold, as well as by retailers to protect high value items such as televisions or fridges owing […]

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Wasting no time in the race to clean up South Africa

As the world’s waste generation surges and landfill availability gets increasingly stretched, a number of South African companies are taking waste reduction to heart. (more…)

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DPI Plastics sponsors Fishing Line Recovery Programme

DPI Plastics and Plastics SA conserve marine life with plastic pipes and fittings

Excessive pollution continues to increase its stranglehold on the world’s oceans and marine life. Large amounts of discarded non-biodegradable monofilament fishing line results in severe injury and often painful death of animals that become entangled in the near-invisible lines, which are also a hazard to humans swimming and scuba diving. (more…)

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