Van Dyck Carpets capitalises on new flooring trends with sustainable and innovative new products

Dr Mehran Zarrebini discusses sustainable flooringVan Dyck Carpets, a division of PFE International, is set to capitalise on new trends in flooring by meeting market demands with innovative and sustainable new products.

Dr Mehran Zarrebini, CEO of PFE International, said that, as consumers pushed for more environmentally friendly products, flooring manufacturers and retailers were developing and selling more sustainable products to meet this “green” demand – without compromising the look, integrity and durability that end-users continued to seek in flooring.

This was also evident in the commercial space where luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and carpet tiles were gaining in popularity.

“Professionals such as architects and designers want to know about the green characteristics of the flooring materials being utilised in different projects,” he said.

The LVT segment in particular had grown internationally, capturing some market share from the high cost, labour-intensive ceramic and stone segments.

Zarrebini said that the carpet tile segment continued to grow as the flexibility to mix patterns and colours in creative ways had proved to be a winner with designers.

“The ability to mix and add colour to the floor has enhanced collaborative workspaces and upped the energy levels of the office environment,” he said. “Also, the ease of installation and ability to remove and replace damaged tiles has added to its popularity for the corporate environment.”

He said that several new products launched in 2016 had proved popular such as water-resistant laminate flooring, woven vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) planks in a variety of sizes and shades.

Van Dyck had also extended its range of commercial and residential flooring options and would release new products in the course of the year.  These were in addition to the tried and tested soft floor coverings which have been manufactured by the company in South Africa since 1948 – premium quality tufted, needlepunch and woven carpets.

“There is a preference towards locally manufactured products and we are positioned well to supply the market with differentiated and unique flooring options that have all the “green” credentials and yet satisfy local procurement requirements,” Zarrebini said.

Van Dyck Carpets has been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact since 2014. This fosters better corporate responsibility in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption and has led to several social, governance and environmental initiatives relating to the development of its employees, diversity and the local community.

The company also has Carbon Trust Standard certification along with an impressive collection of local and international accreditations encompassing the ISO 9001 quality standard, ISO 14001 environmental accreditation, ISO 14064-1 for greenhouse emissions management and during the course of this year ISO 15000 energy certification.

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